Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Book review:

"second life – the official guide" by Michael Rymaszewski, Wagner James Au, Mark Wallace, Catherine Winters, Cory Ondrejka, Benjamin Batstone-Cunningham. I have had a Second Life (SL) account for about a year, I see a lot of potential in Second Life, but by Real Life doesn't give me much time for messing about and discovering SL. I bought this book because I thought it would help me, and indeed I found lots of things in it that were interesting, for instance I didn't know that I had a Library in my inventory and for a lot of those objects I can access the script, this allowed me to take a script from a chair and experiment with it (I now can make my avatar sit upside down). There is an Appendix by Pathfinder Linden (John Lester) on real Life Education in Second Life, I particularly like his section entitled "work at unlearning", educators too readily fall inti the trap of trying to re-create lecture theatres for learning events in MUVEs. In places the book's multiple authors show and things are repeated and/or contradicted, a little bit of proof reading probably would have spotted this and may well have avoided the curious repeats in the Glossary.

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