Sunday, August 19, 2007



I have added a new goal to my 43 Things: Visit Places in Second Life.
My motivation for this is: I have got a small amount of money to set up Community of Practice at my university to investigate educational possibilities of virtual worlds.
I thought an interesting goal related to this would be to set myself the goal of visiting 50 different places or events in Second Life. A visit should last at least 30 minutes, preferably longer. Having visited I will write a blog entry for the visit or event. I'm going to use the tag 50SL for these entries for pictures in Flickr and on my blog.
If you think it might be fun add it as your own goal, and use the tag 50SL, and we should be able to RSS them together.

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Friday, August 10, 2007


Merlot conference on Boracay

Merlot conference on Boracay
Originally uploaded by netopNyrop
Today, Bee Dieu was giving a keynote session at the Merlot edtech conference in New Orleans. She was on site , and part of the onliners were in Alado while others met in Second Life,and the Worldbridge people were webcasting this mixed mode session. I had to restrict myself to stay in Second Life as my other computer was not cooperative with neither SL nor Alado. Many good Webheads were present, as well as people from the TALO and also from CPsquare; many of us are indeed multimembers in this networked world of online communities

'Bee opened a wikispace at

Sunday, August 05, 2007



I saw an article on TechCrunch about Multiverse ( and thought I should check it out.
Multiverse was started back in 2004 by a group of “Netscape veterans”.
Their aim was to develop a new sort of games platform that allows “indie” developers to create their own games. Multiverse provides a range of tools and contents to help in the games development. Game players only need one client to access any Multiverse game.
Games developers run their games on their own server, if they are not charging users then the use of Multiverse is free, otherwise the usual model will be to pay 10% of gross revenue, or to make an upfront payment.
There area number of sample games to try. I’ve succeeded in downloading the client on to my tablet PC, but I haven’t got any of the games I tried to actually run, I get quite a long way along and get an application error or the like.
The whole idea sounds great, and I will persevere in trying it so I can get a proper view.

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