Thursday, July 05, 2007


A trip to the Holodeck

I met up with Sus in SL and she has bought a holodeck. There are apparently 25 locations to visit. We had a go on the space shuttle, including the experience of weightlessness; then some where more picturesque.

Sus and I had a bit of a gossip. Someone remarked when we are in RL we talk about SL and when we are in SL we talk about RL.

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Hi Rosie, I'm happy to see those pictures from the Holohome. These scenarios are good for photo opportunities - but a bit clumsy to navigate. I decided to set it up because I wanted to find out what to DO on my land (which is quite experimental and I wanted something non-school oriented.I still need to work on how to add details on my own in each of these decks. After the holidays, that is.
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