Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Discovering Second Life with a Sheep
This tale begins with Rosie Luna on a Friday night, she was wanting to organise an activity where people co-operate asynchronously in Second Life. She needs something that can be passed around and people can take to different places, write about what they learn, and take some pictures. Leafing through her landmarks she finds a landmark for Freebie Warehouse (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burns/95/148/79) and she decides to go and visit. The warehouse is full of people and crates; she checks out the contents of a lot of the crates and decides to take one labelled: 62 Decorations, she also picks up 69 Clothes.
She returns to Boracay and finds a quiet spot by the sea and starts to look through the boxes. One of the things she finds is a sheep; she names this.
The next day she returns to Boracay and decides that this sheep she will pass round, along with a notecard that people can extend the tale. So she takes a few pictures of herself and the sheep. Writes this notes and then passes it on to Futura Fortas.

So the story continues. I decided to take BaBa to the Holodeck @ the ICT Library (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Info%20Island/13/183/33) where I took her to a virtual church. After all being a lamb/sheep I found that it was appropriate. In the holodeck I discovered how to take snapshots. I'm the kind of person who hates taking pictures in First Life, so I've only owned one camera ever, which I had while on a trip to the States. I sold it of immediately when I returned home. Having said that, I quite enjoyed taking the pictures in SL! Especially because I could take pictures of myself, even from underneath myself.
I've now passed on BaBa in the hope that the new "owner" will take care of her. (Hmn is it a her....)

Unfotunately BaBa had a rather traumatic first experience with Corwin! When BaBa was sent to Corwin he was in the Life Sciences Center at the NMC's Research Park.
Corwin stupidly showed her the lab he was in and Baba was immediately reminded of cousin Dolly. No way was that the route to be taken for Baba and she quickly made her feelings known in no uncertain terms. Corwin blushed in shock at the vocabulary under a young sheep's control! Corwin apologised profusely for frightening her like and quickly moved off to more pastural grounds. So they went to Tol Eressea where Baba met some friendly horses and ate some grass and drank some fresh water.
Finally calm she asked to meet her next new friend.

BaBa now was visiting its (is it a she or a he) friends in the Hauwai Zoo. I couldn't put her on the ground (because she was afraid), so I carried her, and I had to rotate her a little so that she can see something.
She was also afraid after a while that I could keep her there locked in the Zoo, so I took her to a roman spa instead to relax.
Then she went to see Sus!

Sus was visiting the office of the Danish newspaper 24timer where she is preparing a carnival fest on Sunday, (for Danes only). (We'll invite our international friends later on). BaBa had the opportunity to climb a small snow mountain, created at a photo exhibition from Swiss. Sus thought that BaBa needed a face lift, and tried tentatively to give her a pink rose fur dye, and a texture! She did look cute, until Sus discovered to her dismay that BaBa has lost her significant face!
This discovery led to abig cloning experiment! Apparently each time Sus took up her BaBa, there was yet another little sheep! So this is how we make sheep in world , sus said to herself and started to create a flock.

Day 2:cloning rainbow sheep
Baba now has a whole family of clones. For everytime I pick her up, I get one extra BaBa. I've had to find out how to differentiate one sheep from another,to make sure I can keep track on the OriginalMotherBaBa. I like pink sheep! And baby blue ones to. buty my absolute favorite invention is BaBaLeo! This is a crossover, a mule with leopard skin. In RL this would mean she would not be able to breed new ones. but in SL, cloning is as easy as copy & paste!
I've taken my BaBaLeo identical twins to a playground area called ImagiLEARNING 57, 188, 21 where they learn how to climb poles with monkey twins! The URL copymaker is out of order today ,just like the Teleport button. My interface is reduced and i feel very uncomfortable about this. It took me some days to figure out hwo to get access to my inventory and find BaBa again. And I apologize for not sharing too many landmarks as they're hard to track in the Inventory under the actual circumstances!

Morton Mains 181, 159, 107
At the old castle of Morton Mains, There is a ferris wheel! This is something Sus loves, so she tries to get poor baBa feel the spinning around. BaBa gets scared and jumps up in Sus' arms! And next time Sus and BaBa logs in, their friends get a good laugh because baBa is still in the arms of her care taker. However now is the time to move on Baba!
Rob will be next in line, and I'm so sorry for being late with this; we had major problems for a while! Bye bye BaBa ; I hope that I'm handing over one of the original , horizontal sheep and not a clone with a preference for vertical presence! Or you can have both BaBa and BaBa Leo which is an extra bonus sheep :-)

Being very new to Second Life, Rob doesn't really know where to go with BaBa so he asks the now well travelled sheep what she wants to do with her time. Not surprisingly BaBa is hungry after all her adventuring and decides that she wants nothing less than the finest grass.
After finding out from the internet that there was a golf course at Hollywood (191,15,175 ), I decided to take BaBa there for a bit of well deserved, well groomed grass.
It seems that this sheep has a disposition to cloning itself and I'm soon left with an entire herd of BaBa imposters feasting on the grass. I do my best to tidy up and decide that we'll go to find somewhere a bit more stimulating for the afternoon.
Success, I found Space Port Alpha (152,227,175). Not wanting to end up with more BaBa clones I decide not to let her go this time, and hold her in my arms while I sit on the tallest space rocket I can find for the view.
BaBa is tired after all this adventuring and now needs somebody to show her somewhere a bit more relaxing!

The end?
Well that is the end of the Baba game – it took some what longer than expected, and we are still hoping to see some more pictures.
However BaBa and her colourful clones are still out there, so watch out for BaBa the Sequel.

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