Friday, March 02, 2007

Just a quick introduction ... I am an e-Learning manager at King's College London and a Fellow of the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London where I chair the research strategy group. I am currently working on a number of projects that include: a study of social software in distance education settings; developing a virtual library space (bibliospace) using social referencing software; and as part of the EMERGE project team supporting a UK wide community of practice in user innovation and development in the area of Web 2.0 and emerging technologies. My research interests are focussed on questions of identity in online learning, the dimensions of space and time in multi-user virtual environments such as Second Life, social presence, social networking and the changing notion of community.

StevenW Bohm

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wow! sounds terrific. what's your background in cop?
hi christina ... background in CoP ... well it started through work on communities of inquiry in relation to distance education and has now expanded into examining the relationship (one might say tension) between network behaviours (evident in social software use) and how we might now understand the notion of community. communities have never gone away but what does the term mean for us today?
Steven, any chance of a virtual field trip to the EMERGE CoP?
hi nick ... yes happily. we are the community support project and have just started building our web 2.0 toolkit which we will be using to encourage the community members to make themselves visible to each and share expertise and creating some kind of vision for the innovative uses of web 2.0 based tools in education. the emerge project site is here and sits on the ELGG platform:
when we have all the members integrated into the site then i can elaborate the CoP a little more ..
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