Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sus Nyrop - my intro

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As 2007 is said to be the year of the ME, I'd better follow up with my current intro version.
Sus Nyrop in Farum, Denmark, SusNy Foss in SL since October 06 where I joined just before the first million inhabitants: by now I think more than 3.5 million have opened accounts.
I'm currently involved in several web 2.0 teacher training projects in Denmark. I'm a free agent and independent researcher with a cyber anthropologist focus on teachers' virtual community practices, using social tools and strategies for their lifelong self directed professional development For a living, I'm doing occasional service as a state appointed external examiner (in Danish language and pedagogy) - for social pedagog colleges all over Denmark. This used to be my professional field, until I decided for a major change in my career. In 1993 I took an intensive beginner class of computer science, very traditional and outdated, but a solid foundation. I fell in love with my Macintosh computer, and did my bachelor in communication and multimedia at the Danish University of Education, Copenhagen in 1995. Since then I've been working slowly towards a masters (candidate) in general education, with a focus on edtech and online learning community processes. . Since 2001, I got together with Webheads, in 2002 I joined the Electronic Village Online and in 2003 I joined CPsquare, the community of communities of practice. I'm currently enjoying being a senior mentor in the traditional Foundations of CoP workshop - where Nick Noakes will be one of our virtual guests in a few weeks. I've found out that so many different paths lead me towards SL as I meet more people in world that I already knew from other contexts.

In my off line private life, I enjoy being a granny, and a loving partner with Bernt, a retired school librarian and sportsman. We share an interest in gardening, film, literature, art and music, and we have travelled in Europe and China. - a co-blog with four Danish colleagues (in Danish) (my first blog from 2002 onwards that I still keep for nostalgic reasons) (a more recent blog - I need to update or abandon it one of these days) ( my portfolio wiki that I used for an international EU funded diploma course in teaching intercultural, 2006)

The Nordic Voice project (2005-06) was a community oriented experiment, targeting Nordic language educators with a special interest in voide enabled digital and online learning. I was a cordinator and facilitator in this context. We hosted asuccesful all online conference, and invited guest speakers, posted a newsletter, and found new collaboration partners in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. We were funded by the Nordic Council.

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