Sunday, February 18, 2007


So far Karsten, Rob, Nick, Simon and Sus have said they would like to take part in the asynchronous activity in Second Life.

I've found a Sheep (I call it BaBa) and I am going to pass it and a notecard (BaBaNote) to one of you (actually Karsten/Futura as we are in the same place and that may be easier).

You will receive the offer when you are next online.

Then can you take the sheep somewhere interesting, rez it on the ground and take a snap of you and the sheep, write a bit on the end of the notecard about this "adventure" and then save it. You should delete the sheep you have rezzed as you will still have a copy in your inventory.

Then pass BaBa and BabaNote to the next person on the list. You do this by opening their profile and dragging BaBa and BabaNote on to the Give Item area (under 2nd life tab).

I hope this makes sense. If it doesn't say and we can see if we can met in world to sort it out.

If anyone else wants to play – just say.

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