Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Simon Heid JoeC Daniels

I'm researcher at FIM NeuesLernen at University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany. Before, I was studying psychology in Erlangen and graduated in 2002. I'm working on several projects in the field of e-learning and learning with new media in general. Some of these projects are on a regional or national level, developing and organising e-learning courses for students in the field of key qualifications, learning techniques and psychology.

Besides, I'm involved in several projects on European level, currently there are, among others, TALE, a web-based storytelling project, MASTER, a project developing an e-learning course for better understanding of statistics and Marga's KITE project.

In my leisure time I'm currently rushing from nice evenings with my girlfriend, playing table-tennis in my team, supporting my favorite football club, and SecondLife.

Im especially interested in psychological aspects and communication issues of MUVEs. Some nonverbal communication and the feeling of "real" presence in an web environment are the really new thing for me. It would be also very interesting to analyse other psychological aspects like identity, group performance or personality in real life/second life.

From my opinion we are just at the beginning of a development that will go to a photorealistic, 3D web, located on a virtual planet, maybe on the basis of 3D Google maps, as it is assumed here (I would say, yes, in 2015, depending also on development of hardware and network speed). Difficult to say for me what role SecondLife and other virtual worlds are playing in this course.

Looking forward to interesting discussions and resource sharing, here.



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