Thursday, February 22, 2007


Places to Visit

I am reading the blogs about BaBa's excursion, and there are so many places s/he has visited that I have not seen.

When the exercise has visited I think we need to post the story (from the notecards) and make sure we have SLURL's of all the places visited, and maybe we can fix a few dates and times and a few of us can have trips to some of these places.

I'm also looking forward to trips to other MUVEs.

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As far as I remember, everybody put the SLURLs to the BaBa notecard up to now. So the next task could be that we do a guided tour altogether, with everybody taking the role of the guide for "her/his" places...
I think by doing that we could also learn some guiding techniques...
I put the LMs (not SLURLs) in for my part Simon but am not too sure about Shirley and Karsten.
Yes Nick, you are right, we put Landmarks.
We could start a collection of SLURLs in the Blog. Not only for BaBa places, also for other interesting places relevant for us...although there is the simteach-wiki
I agree. I just hope I can find somewhere interesting like the others to show BaBa.
It would be nice to build a glossary of SL terms -- "LM", "simteach wiki" etc.
It would simply be nice to have this collected somewhere. Could we do this in a wiki? Is it possible to add this wiki to this blog?

As for the guided tour, this would be wonderful, also very useful for newcomers, I think.
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