Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hi everyone!

I am Christina aka Tina.

In my “first life” I have a background in translation studies, communities of practice and editing. My (research) interests are primarily in the areas of eLearning, intercultural communication, knowledge sharing processes, diversity, advertising and lifestyle. I have been self-employed since 2000 and work with a number of profit and non-profit organisations. My mission is to create learning environments across cultural, language and geographic boundaries. I am convinced that communication processes within and across organisations as well as within and across first and second lifes encourage individuals to reflect on their shared interests and trigger knowledge sharing and innovation processes.

My “second life” is very young – I logged on as Tina T. for the first time three weeks ago. At first, it was a culture shock but it was good and comforting to find friends “in-world” that I knew from a different context, i.e., CP2. What struck me was the similarity of their avatars with their real life appearance as well as the specific lingo they used – for example, “k” for “OK” and other such “strange” abbreviations.

I’m here because I want to learn more about virtual worlds and the possibilities they offer for online collaboration. What worries me a little is the time factor. You should know that I’m more into mountain hiking, skating, dancing and cocktail-drinking in real life than online…


Hi Tina
I got a bit carried away and pushed post before finishing my message.

Great to see you here.

We should fix up some more activities in the future, anything particular you would like to do?

Thanks for your welcome message -- I will think about some activities, maybe a kind of SL exploration activity. I will post an idea soon!

Am going to try to make a snapshop of Tina now...
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