Tuesday, February 13, 2007

First off I'd like to encourage you all to use labels (tags) when you post here. I've registered the blog at technorati, so if we make good use of labels, then that can become a powerful tool for us later.

On a personal note. I'm a Research Assistant at University of Reading in Computer Science, where I also do my PhD. on the side. I've got many interests in CS, I especially look at knowledge representation (ontology) and what can be done with automation of semantics. At the moment I do this in the domains of eLearning and competency description, which also is somewhat connected to eLearning and lifelong learning.

MUVE's is a bit of a "pet" interest, and I can see many areas which could benefit from use of knowledge representation and semantic automation tools, especially in learning situations, however that is probably further down the road, because at the moment there are definitely many other areas that need attention before these kind of tools become neccesary...

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I agree, tags are the future \o/
Hi Karsten and VECoP fellas,

I'm already co-blogging with some Danish education colleagues at http://secondlifedk.blogspot.dk -but this is really good as the other one is in Danish language which is only for a small minority of Danes :-)

I'm also blogging on & off in several other blogs. Getting messy and orphaned in long periods. A bit of group discipline will help filling the gaps.
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