Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Catching up
Over the last week I lost track of the emails coming in about what we now call VECoP, so I though I would try and reflect/summarise the general mood and suggest some way forward.

Lots of people think we should look at virtual worlds other than Second Life.
We have a definite time zone problem in that if we are to meet synchronously someone will be in their pyjamas.
Getting sufficient time for doing this work is a problem for all of us.
Exchange of practice, recording best practice is important.
Trying our ideas with our own students and communities should be an aim.
Publishing what we do is important, well at least for us academics.
Getting funding is, for most, a necessity.

Way forward?
We should schedule some field trips, with a purpose, in to Second Life and other MUVEs. We should aim for the hosts to try to run such events twice, so that we cover a civilised time for all VECoP members.

We should look at what funding opportunities are possible (Marga: can you post a bit about what is possible for networks etc with the EU?).

Next Week
I have an idea for an asynchronous activity in Second Life that we can all participate in during next week. By asynchronous I mean we don't have to be there together (although we can schedule help if needed). If there is interest I'll set it up.

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I'm up for any sort of activity in SL, so just let us know when and where!
I will also take part in your activity, asynchronous would be interesting as it would show another dimension of possibilities.

For EU funding, I can say by now, we are working on it and there will be several opportunities. Soon more about this. I will check tomorrow another project idea I had today for funding options.
Re the async activity, go for it!
Shirley Rosie - asynchronous sounds exciting - we may even bump into another VEcOp friend occasionally!

I'm often logging in late night for me, that is after 21 GMT. Often with no special purpose but learning more, and finding out about places & people.
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