Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I am Shirley Williams (aka Rosie Luna). I am a lecturer at the University of Reading, UK. I am in charge of the group teaching in the area of Information Systems, but my own teaching is primarily in Programming. Both Karsten and Rob in the past were members of my programming classes; I hesitate to say I taught them to program, as they are both much better programmers than me!

My research interests are primarily in the areas of knowledge transfer, communities and eLearning. I am involved in a number of projects, some funded and some not. The interest in Multi User Virtual Environments and Educational Communities is currently unfunded, my aim is to get some funding so we can do more work in the area.

PS I tried to post this from IE7; and the text failed to appear.


I have successfully posted (above) from IE 7 at home, so the problem is at work, probably a disagreement between Java scripts, IE 7 and the university's security policy.

So nice to get a visual ofyou in RL.
Thank you for all this work
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